First Step Towards - Quiting smoking



Do you want to quit smoking?

According to surveys 2 out of 3 smokers answer that question with a yes


The reasons why are many and well-known, it's bad for your health, it is expensive and in this day and age it doesen't help your chances with the opposite sex.


Almost every smoker has tried or atleast entertained the notion of giving up smoking, but unfortunatly in to many cases it never happens because the urge to continue smoking is greater than the desire to stop - embed games


If you are not commited to quit smoking it is harder to accomplish, it doesen't matter how much your partner, your kids, your friends or co-workers hassle you. It is something you have have the desire to do.


If you are reading this you propably made a decision or are considering to quit smoking. We would like to start you off with some words of encouragment.


  • Many find that quiting smoking is not as hard as they thought
  • Far from everybody will experience withdrawal symptoms
  • If you do experience negative side effects there methods and help available


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